If you have bad credit, and need a “bad credit loan“, contact Texas Mortgage Center for a Free Loan Consultation! We can help you with a “bad credit loan“. For a bad credit auto loan, we recommend myAutoloan.com.

Texas Bad Credit Loan

The following programs are available for a “bad credit loan“:

Bad credit loan: Texas home equity loan

Bad credit loan: Refinance

Bad credit loan: Stated income loan

Bad credit loan: Low payment loan

Bad credit loan: Interest only loan

Bad credit loan: Option payment program

One of the most popular bad credit loans in Texas is the “Option payment program“. The option payment program interest only loan has loan rates starting at 1.95%, and is a great loan program for people with bad credit.

Option payment program for “bad credit loans”

If you have 20% equity in you home, and have bad credit, it is possible to have rates as low as 1.95% fixed for one year. This is very helpful way for people with bad credit to pay off debts. This is a 3 year program designed to be an alternative to equity loans for people with bad credit. (put 1.95 on our mortgage calculator to see what kind of payment you would have.

Bad credit score home loans and mortgages are available for purchase, refinance, second mortgage, debt consolidation and home equity loans for any credit history, including a bad credit history. A loan can be obtained with bad credit, even bad credit with bankruptcy or foreclosure. Many of our lenders who loan for borrowers with bad credit scores have competitive rates, both on fixed and adjustable term mortgages (ARMS). Usually we can get a bad credit score loan done within a week.

Most sellers are requiring a pre-qualification when making offers and writing contracts. Texas Mortgage Center offers custom solutions, including pre-qualifications, for every residential Texas home loan situation, including loans for people with bad credit.

Remember if you need a new Texas home loan or a Texas home equity loan, and you have bad credit, we will tailor a bad credit loan that’s right for you. Contact our lending experts and talk with a loan consultant about our bad credit loans. We know Texas lenders and can guide you in selecting a Texas bad credit loan that is right for your home loan or mortgage refinancing needs.

Bad Credit Loan Information

A bad credit score loan can be acquired with a good interest rate for first time home buyers. FHA loans are a good source for getting a bad credit loan, if you quailify. If it is not a first time home buyer purchase, or if it’s a refinance or equity loan, we partner with lenders who specialize in subprime or low credit score loans (bad credit loan).

Low credit loans (bad credit loans) typically require:

1. higher downpayment (meaning lower LTV-loan to value)

2. full documentation, if one wants a 0 down loan ( no down payment ) or little down payment

3. Bad credit stated Income loans are usually limited to 80% LTV.

4. Bad credit loans require bank statements, sometimes 12 month history

5. In some cases, bad debt may need to be paid off to get a bad credit loan.

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